Whenever something isn’t working quite right somewhere in your network – your printer won’t print, the internet has disappeared, or electrons just aren’t jumping from point A to point B the way you need them to – you have a problem. And now Accounting… or Receiving… or ANY member… or ALL members of your organization cannot get the job done.

Give us a call, and then relax! We have been fixing computer issues in the Southwest Ohio region for over 20 years, and we adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLA) that we establish with our customers to guarantee response times.

If you’re curious about some of our specific service offerings, you can visit our Services page. Here’s a brief list of our Troubleshooting services:

  • Hardware Issues – Your company needs a network that handles your current business and allows flexibility for tomorrow. And in today’s economy, you have a tighter budget. We have the resources and the knowledge to handle your hardware issues at the prices that keep your business running on time and on budget. We have partnerships with industry leaders in PCs, routers and switches, servers, and peripherals. And we have the buying power to pass discounts on to you. It’s not about spending unnecessary money on the latest gadgets and trinkets. It’s about buying the right hardware for your business. Or, perhaps you’ve already purchased the hardware you require. Now you need it installed and functioning ASAP. We do that. We’ll handle your hardware issues whether you’ve had it for years, or if it’s brand new equipment still in the box. We will help you get it functioning in the way that best benefits your business.
  • Software Problem Solving – The applications that run your critical business functions – from accounting to document management to enterprise-wide solutions – are an integral part of your day to day business roles. You need software problem solving solutions that ensure that the software you rely on is going to work when and how you need it to do so. Whether you are evaluating a new software package or want to better utilize what you already have, our experienced staff will help ask the right questions and get the answers you need to use your business-critical tools.The world of software licensing can be a tangled web. Mistakes can be costly, leading to everything from faulty systems to heavy-duty fines – this is a piece of the puzzle you need to get right. With our on-staff licensing experts and programmers, let MagnusIT provide software problem solving support that keeps you running, and keeps you legal.
  • Malware and Spyware Cleanup – It can happen to anyone… You’re looking for one thing on Google or Yahoo, and you accidentally click on another. Or you think you’ve downloaded the right program from the internet to install, and when you install it you discover that it’s malware. Or some of your customers, coworkers, or friends start calling you and asking you to stop sending them email advertisements… that you didn’t send.Your machine is now an expensive paperweight, and you can no longer be productive. What do you do?

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Have other questions? Contact us! We function as a technical support contractor, on call when you need us, serving hundreds of different environments throughout the mid-west. Let us put the value of our experience to work for you and your network.