The world is an unpredictable place. You’ve taken precautions with a well-designed, meticulously executed backup solution. Disaster strikes. You have data. Now what? We Can Help!

Disaster recovery is far more than a tape or backup drive safely stowed away in a safety deposit box.

  • How will you get the data from that tape or drive?
  • What will you load it on?
  • How will your employees access that data?
  • From where will your employees access that data?
  • What software did you have on the controller’s PC?
  • Where is the copy of the license?
  • How many machines do you need insurance to replace?
  • How do you prove to the insurance company that the data is yours?

With so many questions in need of answers, you need technology advisors who can help you put together a well organized, clearly articulated plan to help you get back on your technology ‘feet’ in case of disaster.

You will have plenty of things to be concerned about should you find yourself in this position. Your technology shouldn’t be one of them.