Magnus (adj.): Large. Great. According to, “Magnus means ‘Great’ in Latin.”

Magnus IT (n.): Great IT.

MagnusIT started as a concept amongst four individuals who knew that they could take Managed IT Services to the next level. Over the last several years, we have refined our business and technology talents into what is now Magnus Information Technologies, or MagnusIT.

Based in Southwestern Ohio, we work every day to expand our client base outward into the seven state region surrounding Ohio. From medical facilities to industrial complexes, our varied client history gives us a solid, yet diverse foundation upon which to successfully grow our business and reach your company’s particular goals and needs.

We proudly provide the highest quality brands, such as (but not limited to) Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Postini, Cisco, Red Hat, HP, Netgear, and LaCie. We have confidence in the products and software that we sell and support. Our engineers and technicians are accomplished professionals in their respective fields and network with other professionals in their field on a regular basis, constantly building their knowledge base and repertoire.

MagnusIT believes in providing the highest levels of technical acumen at an affordable cost. We work with our customers to understand their business needs and customize solutions to meet and exceed their goals.

That isn’t just smart business. It’s smarter IT. It’s implementing a product that works reliably for years.